Their infectious, indigenous rhythms have been rocking audiences from Japan to Panama, Paris to Miami for more than three decades. They are the original ambassadors of Haitian music, having played almost every major world festival, taking compas music where Celia Cruz took salsa.

-- Boston Globe


tabou combo

Rhythm is the essence of Tabou Combo...

...says Tabou Combo's co-founder and ex-drummer Herman Nau. The infectious rhythm of Haiti's national dance music, Konpa (con-pah), has propelled the country's preeminent dance band around the world. The 12 members of the band have covered many territories since leaving Haiti and relocating to New York City in 1971...

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Apr 23, 2016 tab FL USA
Aug 14, 2016 tab Cartagena Colombia
Jul 02, 2016 tab Connecticut USA
Jul 16, 2016 tba Canada
Jun 04, 2016 Amazura NY USA
Jun 07, 2016 Grand Carbet Martinique
Jun 09, 2016 tab French Guyana

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