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50th Anniversary with many guests artists


Original Members

Band Members (1968) - with whom it all started...

Standing (left to right):
Roger "Shoubou" Eugene,
Yvon "Kapi" Andre,
Dolf Chancy,
Yves "Fanfan" Joseph,
Herman Nau,
Jean-Claude Jean

Sitting (left to right):
Paul Gonel,
Serge Guerrier,
Albert Chancy,
Max Chancy (Not a musician)

Timeline - 1968 to 2018

Some of the Band Best Moments

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August 1967, two Teenagers, Albert Chancy and Herman Nau, and some friends founded los incognitos in Petion-ville, a suburb village of Haiti. The first concert took place in a small neighborhood church.


The band changed its name to Tabou Combo. A Young vocalist, Roger M. Eugene (Shoubou), joined the band. That year the band was awarded “Band of the Year” by a local radio station.


The band released their first album which became an instant success. The album was released under the label, Ibo Records, and included such hits as "Yapatia", "Gislene", "Les Freres Tabou"


Guitar player and Maestro, Albert Chancy, moved to Canada. The band dissolved. The last concert was at Ibo Lele Hotel where the band said “good bye” to its fans. Later that year, several of the musicians drifted to the United States to continue their studies.


The band reunited in New York under the management of Jacques Souffrant , Georges Legrand and Fresner Peralte. Guitar player, Dadou Pasquet joined the band replacing Albert Chancy. Shoubou, Yvon Cine, and Yves Joseph moved to the U.S. and rejoined the band.


First album, “Live a la Carne a Sucre,” recorded in New York.


Mega album “8th Sacrement” was released. First visit in Haiti. The band was received by thousands of fans at the airport.


The hit “New York City” attained the number one spot at the French hit parade. "8th Sacrement" sold over a million copies. Successful European tours followed.


Successful tour of Dominican Republic. Live performance on the TV show “El Show Del Cuatro”


Historic first tour of Panama. The success of that tour persuaded the band to write the song “Panama Querida”.


Historic concert at the Place Boyer in Haiti.


The hit “Juicy Lucy” was used in the Maurice Pialat's movie “Le Police” staring Gerard Depardieu and Sophie Marceau.



The song “Kite’m Fe Zafem” spent seven consecutive weeks on top of the European chart.


The critically acclaimed album “Aux Antilles” was released. Epic concert at the famous Zenith Concert Hall in Paris, France.


The band keyboard player, Ernst Marcelin, was assassinated after a show in New York. He was replaced by Fabrice Rousier. Another mega album “Zap Zap” was released.


The hits "Kitem Fe Zafem" and "Zap Zap" were chosen by the fame director Jonathan Wacks for his movie "Mystery Date." The band also made a brief appearance in the movie.



Successful concert in Central Park for the band’s 25th Anniversary The concert was attended by nearly 20,000 people.


The band returned to the Zenith in Paris to celebrate its 30th Anniversary with two sold-out concerts.


Carlos Santana recorded Tabou's hit song "Mabouya". The song, renamed "Foo Foo", appeared on the album "Sherman."


First concert at the "L'Olympia" in Paris, France


Death of the band’s long-time sound engineer, Jean Jerome “Segue”.

The album "Respect" was reissued by the American label - Secret Stash Records


Performance at the Rio Loco Music Festival in Toulouse, France;

Reunion Concert in Haiti - with most of the band's original members

August 1967, two Teenagers, Albert Chancy and Herman Nau, and some friends founded los incognitos in Petion-ville, a suburb village of Haiti. The first concert took place in a small neighborhood church.

50 years Through videos


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A Special Thanks

We would like to acknowledge all the talented musicians (past and present) who have played with the band. Thank you for your contribution. Without you we wouldn't be where we are today!

Albert Chancy Jr., Aldoph Chancy, Paul Gonel, Fritz Coulanges, Serge Guerrier, Andre "Dadou" Pasquet, Yvon Cine, Guerry Legagneur, Pierre Andre Cine, Elysee Pyroneau, Weston Etienne, John Campagna, James Kelly, Glenn Ferris, Andrew Washington, Paul Henegan, Charlie Miller, Joe Moselo, Ernst Marcelin (RIP), Ned Gold, Gary Resil,Yves Abel, Robenson Jean-Baptiste, Dener Ceide, Gary Josama, Jonas Imbert, Jocel Almeus, Tom Mitchel, yacine boulares Fabrice Rouzier, Ralph Conde, Dener Ceide, Danny Lebeau, Roger Eugene, Yves Joseph, Yvon Andre, Herman Nau, Rudy Neau, Jean-Claude Jean, etc.