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Caribefest: Tabou Combo Honored

The city of Miramar thanked its citizens by holding a family day and free concert, Caribefest, at the Lakeshore Park on Sunday, September 4.

The city bills itself as a family oriented one and the day followed the same lines as there was something for all ages.   And in keeping with the multi-ethnicity of the city, there was a wide representation of the varied peoples that make up the community.

Alexandra Davis, one of the producers of Caribefest (the other being Harold Limage), said that the event was to bring people together. “We felt that there was a need for people to understand and appreciate the varied cultures that make up the Miramar family, and we felt that this kind of event would go a far way in achieving that.  We made our representation to the Commission and they accepted it”. And now, so does the community.

The event, in its 3rd year, welcomed a huge turnout of residents and visitors, who came to enjoy the day.  Though overcast, there were only a few sprinkles of rain, and that failed to dampen the crowds spirits.

There were several simple enjoyable rides. bounce-a-bouts, face painting for the young kids, which kept them occupied well into the night.  There were informational booths as well as those that offered services for the adults to peruse.

Many people just hung around, sharing stories and laughter with acquaintances, and sampling the Caribbean food available.  Definitely the jerk-man, more than any other vendor, didn’t get any rest.

By showtime, the crowd had grown to several thousands.

The show goes on

Surely, the highlights of the day was the entertainment package which featured an array of multi-cultural artists from Soca’s Leon Caldero, reggaeton’s local representatives, the SoFla Kingz, Haitian group Tabou Combo, and international lover’s rock star, Maxi Priest.

With no disrespect to the others, it was Tabou Combo that carried the night.  With a rousing selection of Haitian inspired music, the group entertained the audience well, and had even those not used to their music, swaying to the arousing rhythms.

The group, which was actually formed in 1968, and has been delivering music to appreciative audiences since then, had their strong group of fans who kept their energy going.

At the end of their set, they were presented with a Proclamation of "Tabou Combo Day", by Miramar’s vice-mayor, Winston Barnes.

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